Spiral Binding Books

Spiral Binding, also known as Coil Binding. Wire Binding and Coil Binding might be mistaken for each other with no substantial difference, we can assure you there is. Additionaly, there is also a price difference between the two binding types. The major differnce in the practicle use between Wire Binding and Coil Binding is that coil binding needs to be threaded and screwed in from either end of the book to be bound or removed. That means there is no easy way for a sheet to come out or to come loose other than to tear a sheet out.

The alternative of Wire Bind, has small wire teeth that are lifted from the side of the wire and are inserted into the pre-cut holes. That means Wire Binding pages can be removed and / or inserted easier then on a coil bound book.

Spiral Binding can double up as a clever marketing solution, offering the opportunity for potential customers and partners to see your branding every day. Making these personalised books an ideal marketing investment for any business.

Book sizes are:
  • DL 210x99mm
  • A6 148x105mm
  • A5 210x148mm
  • A4 297x210mm
  • custom size

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